ACS Division of Polymer Chemistr
Sir Francis Drake Hotel, Union Square
September 16 - 19, 2012
San Francisco, California USA

Timothy E. Long
Virginia Tech
Department of Chemistry
Blacksburg, VA 24061

James L. Hedrick
IBM Almaden
650 Harry Rd.
San Jose, CA


Chris Bielawski, University of Texas at Austin

Paul Buijsen, DSM Coating Resins

John W. Connell, NASA Langley Research Center

Theo Dingemans, Delft University of Technology

Benny Freeman, University of Texas at Austin

Masa-aki Kakimoto, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Kunio Kimura, Okayama University

Fuyuhiko Kubota, Toyobo Co., Ltd.

Heather Maynard, University of California Los Angeles

Jim McGrath, Virginia Tech

Regis Mercier, LMOPS, CNRS

Cor Koning, DSM

Jeff Pyun, University of Arizona

Rudy Rulkens, DSM

Mitsuru Ueda, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Brigette Voit, Leibniz-Institute for Polymer Research

Willi Volksen, IBM

Tsutomu Yokozawa, Kanazawa University


Polycondensation, which has a long-standing presence in the international polymer community for over ten years, will be held at Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco, CA USA. The event started in Paris in 1996, Annapolis, MD in 1998, and has continued every two years since its inception. Other locations have included Tokyo in 2000, Hamburg Germany in 2002, Roanoke Virginia in 2004, Tokyo in 2008 and Netherlands in 2010. The theme of the conference will primarily be recent developments in the synthesis, characterization, and performance of step-growth (condensation) polymers. Oral presentations on linear, branched, tailored architecture, sustainable polymer design, and crosslinking are particularly invited. This event will attract speakers from all over the world, including North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia.