December 9 - 12, 2012
Omni Hotel San Diego California USA



Dr. Joseph M. Mabry

Chair, ACS Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc.


Organizing Team:

Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne, Virginia Commonwealth University

Dr. Yoshiki Chujo, Kyoto University

Dr. Stephen Clarson, University of Cincinnati

Dr. Dennis Smith, Jr., University of Texas at Dallas

Dr. Anish Tuteja, University of Michigan

Dr. Scott Iacono

Dr. Richard Laine, University of Michigan


Many types of silicon compounds are used in polymer chemistry.  They generally fall into one of four categories; silanes, siloxanes, silsesquioxanes, and silicates.  Materials utilizing these compounds vary greatly in type and application.  Silicone polymers are ubiquitous in the chemical industry.  Silsesquioxanes can be used to improve polymer properties, although they are often used as resins.  Silicates are used in chemical separations and as polymer fillers.  Silanes are typically used to produce all of the above.  This workshop will cover recent technological advancements in silicon-containing polymers and nano-composites produced in academic, industrial, and government laboratories, and will include everything from fundamental research to commercial product development.  This workshop will be of interest to both academic and industrial communities.