February 21 - 24, 2017

Asilomar Conference Grounds

Pacific Grove, California USA

Program available


Rigoberto Advincula, Case Western Reserve University
Eric Baer, Case Western Reserve University
Gary Beall, Texas State University
Curtis Frank, Stanford
Benny Freeman, The University of Texas at Austin
Emmanuel Giannelis, Cornell University
Jaime Grunlan, Texas A&M Univeristy
La Shanda Korley, Case Western Reserve University
William Koros, Georgia Tech
Nicholas Kotov, University of Michigan
Daeyeon Lee, University of PennsylvaniaFred Farr Room
Jodie Lutkenhaus, Texas A&M Univeristy
Henry Milliman, Avery Dennison
David Schiraldi, Case Western Reserve University
Svetlana Sukhishvili, Texas A&M Univeristy
Vladimir Tsukruk, Georgia Tech
Gary Wnek, Case Western Reserve University
Nicole Zacharia, The University of Akron
Lei Zhu, Case Western Reserve University

Layered Polymeric Systems - 2017, to be held at the Asilomar Conference Center, CA will focus on the production, structure, proper-ties and applications of layered polymeric systems. Layered struc-tures represent a growing area in the polymer world, and by taking a “systems look” at them, they become even more interesting. For example, the NSF granted a Science & Technology Center (STC) in this area 10 year ago - the ONLY materials STC granted in a number of years (more information is available at http://www.stc-clips.org). Layered systems can be produced using cutting edge extrusion, layer-by-layer, and other methods, and now encompass advanced packaging (food and electronics), devices (medical, lenses, information storage), energy (capacitors), and fire-resistant consumer goods. We are confident that this workshop will be fully subscribed, and will be of interest to participants from the academic, industrial and military sectors.  

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