Biomedical polymers save lives and improve the quality of life for millions as constituents of medical devices, diagnostics and therapies. The creativity of polymer scientists and new innovations in our ability to precision-synthesize polymers will lead to future advances, economic opportunities and improved healthcare for large populations. This POLY workshop, started in 1992 and offered every 2-4 years since then, showcases the special contributions of polymer scientists in advancing biomedical applications. For new biomedical polymeric developments to reach patients we need to interface academic researchers, industry scientists and government funders and regulators. Polymers in Biology and Medicine has, over its 26 year history, been a congenial forum for all stakeholders to share ideas and strategies. Join us for the next iteration of this long-running forum in the beautiful Napa Valley.


Buddy D. Ratner
University of Washington Engineered Biomaterials
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Theresa M. Reineke
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Department of Chemistry
University of Minnesota
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Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry
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Burke Bioventures LLC
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