-Ashutosh (Tosh) Chilkoti, Professor and Chair of Biomedical Engineering, Duke
-Paula Hammond, Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT
-Samir Mitragotri, Professor of Bioengineering and Biologically Inspired Engineering, Harvard
-Daniel (Dan) Anderson, Professor of Applied Biology, MIT
-Kristi Kiick, Professor, Deputy Dean of Engineering at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, U of Delaware
-Suzie Pun, Robert F. Rushmer Professor, Department of Bioengineering, U of Washington
-Bob Prud’homme, Professor of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Princeton
-Niren Murthy, Professor of Bioengineering, Berkeley
-Sam Stupp, Board of Trustees Professor, Northwestern University


Polymers in Medicine and Biology 2018 workshop will cover a wide range of topics, showcasing the most exciting and latest in the field to include:

1. Advances in Drug Delivery
– Amphiphilic biomaterials, micelles and liposomes
– Nano- and micro-particle carriers
– Membranes and bio-transport
– Delivery of large molecules: Genes and proteins
– Targeting and bio-conjugates
– Polymer-drug compatibility

2. Surfaces and Biointerfaces
– Cell-material interactions
– Controlling infection and inflammation
– Chemical and physical modifications of surfaces
– Advances in surface analysis

3. Biomaterials
– Peptides, proteins and proteomics
– Biodegradable polymers and copolymers
– Natural bio-macromolecules
– Silicones and fluoropolymers
– Hydrogels and their nanocomposites
– Biomaterial adhesives

4. Implants and Implantable Materials
-- Cardiovascular systems
-- Orthopedics and bone
-- Dental materials and applications
-- Advances in ocular systems
-- Nerve regeneration
-- Scaffolds, morphology and architecture

5. Biomaterials Entrepreneurship session

6. Special theme session (topic to be decided later)