Silicon and oxygen comprise 78% of the Earth's crust, largely in the form of natural silicates. Recent advances in a wide-range of applications have been developed where silicon polymers and composites play a vital role. However, only a few silicon-containing polymers and fillers continue to receive much of the attention of the polymer community. In recent years, several new materials have emerged, which can be used as additives to improve thermal, mechanical, and surface properties of various polymer systems. However, their use has not been widely touted, perhaps because the focus of recent polymer-related symposia and workshops has been too narrow. Other silicon-related advancements have been made in areas including, but not limited to, semiconductors, electronics, optoelectronics, anti-icing, anti-fouling, oxidation-resistance, biosilification, and biomedical applications. The purpose of this workshop is to bring together a broad range of stakeholders in the area of silicon polymer chemistry.

Dr. Joseph Mabry
Air Force Research Laboratory
Rocket Propulsion Division
Edwards AFB, CA 93524


Dr. Kenneth Wynne, Virginia Commonwealth University
Dr. Anish Tuteja, University of Michigan
Dr. Scott Iacono, US Air Force Academy
Dr. Andrew Guenthner, Air Force Research Laboratory
Dr. Yoshiki Chujo, Kyoto University
Dr. Jonathan Goff, Gelest, Inc.
Dr. Abby Jennings, US Air Force Academy