The Next Generation Smart Materials workshop will look at cutting edge research in 'smart' materials: specifically, materials that are stimuli responsive, or provide a unique structure or function. This workshop follows and expands upon a symposium on the same topic operating successfully for several years at ACS national meetings. For several years running, this symposium was one of the largest and best attended POLY national meeting symposia. Though the proposed event is more than 1.5 years out, we request an early approval to allow ample time to develop and plan the best possible topics and experience for attendees and to check out the most cost-effective meeting locations.


Professor Erik Berda
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Materials Science
University of New Hampshire

Professor Yoan Simon
Assistant Professor, Polymer Science and Engineering
University of Southern Mississippi

Professor Johan Foster
Associate Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Virginia Tech

Martin Thuo
Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Iowa State University

Leila Deravi
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Chemical Biology