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This is the first of its kind by Poly Div, focusing on advanced polymer materials that meet the specific needs of selected industries – Energy/Petrochemical, Additive Manufacturing, Light Weighting, and Coatings. These industries are faced with not just an evolutionary or incremental change in the demands on existing polymer-based materials, but in fact are in the midst of a substantial or revolutionary change in material property requirements. Where elastomers may have served in the past, thermoplastics are likely to be required in the future; where thermoplastics may not meet demanding conditions, application-specific composites may be called for. The future of materials science and technology providers is a bright yet demanding one as the rate of demand for new materials grows and perhaps exceeds the pace at which new solutions can be developed.

This workshop will highlight the current innovation, technology/materials/product developments, and qualification of materials to enable the industry to march into the highly demanding current environments and meet the emerging challenges in future. Designed to the specific industry needs, the conference will provide a forum for speakers to showcase, and delegates to learn about new materials and converting technologies to improve current products/applications performance and as well open the door to improve or replace existing material selections.